D&D with DM Olivier!

July 16, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Welcome to the D&D Adventurers League! No experience necessary!

The official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. The League uses fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting among others. Players use the fifth edition rules to create a character and bring that character to game anywhere D&D Adventurers League play is happening.

*This session is run by DM Olivier

About A Scream in the Night: Melvaunt is a city of merchants and metalsmiths. The docks are constantly filled with ships from Hillsfar, Mulmaster, and more distant ports. The northern coast of the Moonsea is an inhospitable place, and its people have a reputation for being rough and unfriendly. But they don’t go around murdering one another in the streets.
At least, not usually. Was that a scream you just heard? Part One of The Chaos in Melvaunt.

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